BSR Conference 2012
BSR 20
October 23-26 | New York

Session: Women’s Health: A Missing Sustainability Issue?

​A staggering 200 million women around the world still lack access to contraception that could empower them to plan their families. Through BSR’s HERproject, we have seen firsthand how malnourishment and anemia, poor hygiene and sanitation, unsafe sex, and infrequent preventative care are harming women and their families and reducing women’s economic potential. There are environmental implications too; according to Aspen Institute, getting those 200 million women access to contraception could slow population growth significantly enough to reduce emissions by between 8 and 15 percent—roughly equivalent to ending all tropical deforestation. Despite all of the above, companies, government, and civil society rarely include women’s health in major sustainability dialogues. This one-hour conversation will explore the roles of different stakeholders and highlight specific actions the private sector can take to address women’s health more effectively.

Date and Time

Friday, October 26, 2012, 10:30 am-11:30 am

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