BSR Conference 2012
BSR 20
October 23-26 | New York

Session Summaries

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Backstory: The Media’s Role in Sustainability | Learn more →
Beyond Incrementalism with Justin Adams: Accelerating Solutions in the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus | Learn more →


Climate 2.0: The Widening Scope of Leadership | Learn more →


Energy’s Newest Frontier...America?! | Learn more →
Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Investments in Emerging Markets | Learn more →


The Future of Sustainability Ratings | Learn more →


The Global Media Debates Sustainability: Has Everything—or Nothing—Changed? | Learn more →


Happiness and the New Generation of Chinese Migrant Workers | Learn more →
Happiness Is . . . A Business Model for the Future | Learn more →
Hot Spots: Identifying Future Issues in the Global Supply Chain | Learn more →
Humanizing the Inclusive Economy | Learn more →


I3 Presentation: Jeff Jarvis, Author, Writer and Professor, BuzzMachine | Learn more →
I3 Presentation: Platon, International photographer | Learn more →
I3 Presentation: Tracy Palandjian, CEO and Cofounder, Social Finance | Learn more →
Identifying an Effective Remedy for Human Rights Impacts | Learn more →
In Conversation with eBay: Getting to the “How” of Collaboration | Learn more →
In Conversation with Jay Rasulo, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company | Learn more →
Investing in Women is Smart Business | Learn more →


Mega-Cities and Urbanization | Learn more →


Plenary Address: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor, Politics and Intl. Affairs, Princeton University | Learn more →
Plenary Address: José Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Former President, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste | Learn more →
Plenary Address: Leontino Balbo, Jr., Head, Native Organic Products | Learn more →
Plenary Address: Rajiv Shah, Administrator, USAID | Learn more →
Plenary Panel: The Changing Energy Landscape | Learn more →
Plenary Presentation: and Beatriz Perez, Coca-Cola | Learn more →
Plenary Welcome: Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR | Learn more →
Precarious Work around the World | Learn more →
Putting a Dollar Value on Externalities: Today’s Reality | Learn more →


Reaching Into the Root of Supply Chains: Perspectives From an End User | Learn more →
Recognizing the Risks: Modern-Day Slavery and Human Trafficking in the Supply Chain | Learn more →
Responsible Growth: On the Frontier | Learn more →


The Search for Sustainable Products: Collaboration and Competition | Learn more →
Sustainability and Leadership Competencies | Learn more →
Sustainable Consumption: Exploration and Opportunities | Learn more →


Tackling Bribery and Corruption Risks in Global Supply Chains | Learn more →


What All Businesses Can Learn from Privately Held Companies | Learn more →
Women Entrepreneurs and the Scaling Dilemma | Learn more →
Women’s Health: A Missing Sustainability Issue? | Learn more →